Build your blockchain games on HOME Verse

What We Offer

Consulting and On-chain Developing

We support projects with their tokenomics and on-chain developing. With the knowledge building “My Crypto Heores”, we will help your project any way you need.

Token Issuance

BOBG supports Japanese blockchain projects with their experience and knowledge of FT issuance (MCHC/RAYS) in “My Crypto Heroes” They help projects enable to issue FTs in 3-4 month without complex tasks.

NFT and Key Management Software

N Suite is a business tool to allow companies to conduct smooth and effective business operations in the NFT/Web3 domain, such as NFT minting, crypto asset transferring, and smart contract deployment.

Supports from HOME Verse

Marketing Support

HOME Verse marketing team will help your project reach users especially in Japan and also overseas. We have connections with media, influencers, and guilds to help you anyway.

Technical Support

We will prepare an environment where you can ask any questions to our HOME Verse engineers. They will guide your boarding on to HOME Verse, with no trouble.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you want to apply to HOME verse or have any questions.